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La Bella Lucca - the first tourist lounge in Italy

Updated: May 13, 2023

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It will be named "La Bella Lucca" and is proposed as the first tourist lounge in Italy. Strategic location, in a highly evocative street, in the heart of the city, such as Chiasso Barletti. It is here, in place of the "Kebab" which will be inaugurated on Wednesday 8 April at 5.00 pm. A new project, finally at the service of the city and of tourism:born from the idea and experience of the two founders and partners, Luca Floridia, born 1990 and owner of "Drive the vintage" of Lucca, a company that makes the Lucca area known aboard vintage Fiat 500s. With him Manuel De Luca, owner of Vinis, a start-up that operates in the wine tourism sector, designed for wine enthusiasts and wineries in the Tuscan Region.

“La Bella Lucca will be a meeting and conversation place where visitors can be entertained and guided, a space available to the city in which to discuss experiences, beauty, art and music – they explain -. The tourist lounge provides a selection of tour operators and the promotion of the best experiences and activities. In addition, artists and musicians from the city will be involved and promoted through music and art. It will also be possible to discover and participate in the weekly events that take place in the historic center and in the surrounding area“. “La Bella Lucca” also offers a new service to support tourists and the city's accommodation facilities: luggage storage. The tourist lounge of "La Bella Lucca" has 2 showcase screens, one dedicated to the promotion of activities and experiences and one dedicated to the promotion of events in the center and around Lucca.


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