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Events Not To Be Missed

JUNE 2024


1000 Miglia 

12 & 13| 06|2024

The Red Arrow returns to the city! It will be during the third stage of the long journey that will bring over four hundred vintage cars to Rome that the most beautiful race in the world will parade through the streets of downtown Lucca: an opportunity to admire the models that have made the history of engines, style, and four-wheel technique.

Lucca Historiae Fest

21-22-23| 06|2024

Lucca is a city with over two thousand years of history, dotted with extraordinary events that have engraved its name in the Timeline. Lucca Historiae Fest wants to tell this journey using the bulwarks of the Walls as a time clock. A journey through history in a round of hands. The history of Lucca as it has never been told before.


Lucca Fashion Week(end)

27-28-29| 06|2024

Three days of fashion and craftsmanship in Lucca on the weekend of June 27, 28, 29, 2024.

An END program of fashion shows by important national brands in the underground of the Walls of Lucca.

An OFF program of presentations and pairings with gastronomy, craftsmanship, commercial activities in a very busy calendar of free appointments and creative proposals inside or outside the walls: parades of unpublished garments, open air shooting, thematic presentations or aperitifs.

An EXP program of subject exhibitions which will include three special exhibitions dedicated to fashion.

Biennale Cartasia

29| 06|2024

The Theme 2024: “Here and Now: Tomorrow”. The here and now is the only moment we have to fully exist, grow, feel, love and rejoice. Often we forget about it by acting mechanically and repetitively, we live at the mercy of time: linear time, ego time, material life time. The outside world, society, commitments, social media constantly call our attention, tearing it away from the here and now, postponing to another time, perhaps to a tomorrow.

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